The range of Expaniderm products

Available sizes

Expaniderm products are available in the following sizes -

Type Pre-expansion Post-expansion Diameter
V-45-27-R 10mm 25mm 27mm
V-26-27-R 6.5mm 18mm 27mm
V-26-22-R 5mm 12mm 22mm

Device height dimension is subject to manufacturing tolerances of +/-1mm of stated figures. The final height of expansion achieved at 14 days can be dependent upon case specific factors (e.g. species type, anatomical location, underlying vasculature). Contact Oxtex technical department for more information.

Three phases of expansion

The science behind Expaniderm presents a significant improvement over existing hydrogel expanders. The device typically displays a triphasic swelling profile in vivo (see graph below).

Phase I represents the biodegradable ‘time switch’ which delays the onset of swelling following implantation for a period of typically two weeks (as dictated by the surgeon).

In Phase II the rate of osmotic expansion is carefully controlled either by an integral polymer scaffold or an external semipermeable membrane thus preventing the undesirable effects of excessive expansion which include pain and potential tissue necrosis.

In Phase III the final degree of swelling achieved can be precisely controlled (up to 1500% if necessary) and is determined by the hydrogel formulation used. The device is entirely inert and will remain quiescent during Phase III until surgically removed in order to perform the definitive reconstruction.

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Tissue expansion is commonly used in human reconstructive surgery to grow extra skin through controlled mechanical overstretch.

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Expaniderm is the first in a new class of implantable soft tissue expanders, offering control, reliability and convenience.

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