Case study: Dog - Mast cell tumour on muzzle 


07 July 2016


The Park Veterinary Group, Leicester

Clinical/experimental data:

Male Neutered Greyhound. Mast cell tumour on dorsal and left lateral aspect of juction of nasal planum and muzzle. Approx 4cm x 5cm. 2x25mm fast (2 week) expanders and 2x18mm fast expanders placed caudal and bi-lateraly to mass.  

  • Implant surgery proceeded well on 11th June 2016 (day 0)
    • Dog anaesthetised in a routine fashion and the surgical site clipped and prepped.
    • One incision made along left lateral lip margin and skin undermined to create large pocket for 3x expaniderm expanders. One expander placed on bridge of nose caudal to mass and held with quilting suture. Two expanders places laterally along level of maxilla.
    • Second incison made along right lateral lip margin and pocket created or one expander place at level of maxilla.
    • Quilting sutures used to hold expanders in place (4 expanders in total)
    • Incisions closed with double layer.
    • Devices expanded over 14 days
    • The dog showed no signs of discomfort thoughout expansion.
    • During expansion the dog accidentally bit the inner cheek with some production of sarosanguious fluid. This did not affect the expanders or insicions. 
  • Device removal and reconsruction 25th June 2016 (day 14)
    • All device expanded as expected over the 14 days
    • The dog was anaesthetised and prepped for surgery in a routine fashion
    • All devices were removed intact
    • The expanded skin was used in the reconstruction to achieve primary closure of the defect once the tumour had been removed.
    • The surgeon was very pleased with the results and particularly liked that he could insert the expanders with no need for further interference.
Photographic record:
Expansion results:

All four devices expanded as expected. No obvious tissue necrosis was noted. One quilting surture failed meaning that the expander on the bridge of the nose slipped laterally. This did not effect the reconstruction ultimately.


The expanders worked well in this location where previously they had not been tried. An incision closer to the site of expander placement would have meant less undermining and dead space creation and would have utilized the ‘delay effect’. 


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