Case study: Horse benign melanoma - Lower eyelid 


03 February 2016



Clinical/experimental data:

9 year old, Connemara X, mare, presented on the 23rd of October.  A melanoma was present on the lower right eyelid.  4 Oxtex self-inflating tissue expanders were placed adjacent to the melanoma, see photos.  The horse was sent home for the duration of expansion (14 days), the owner reported no complications and the horse tolerated the expanders well.                                       


All 4 devices expanded as expect with no complications.  They were removed at day 14 and expanded to a height of about 20mm.  They had significantly increased the skin available.

On the 10th of November, 14 days post implantation, the mare underwent general anesthesia and the expanded devices were removed.  The melanoma was removed by careful dissection and the defect closed using the extra skin created by the expanders in a sliding H advancement flap, which was sutured to the remaining eye lid margin.  

The mare progressed well after surgery and remained comfortable with no signs of ocular pain.

Expansion results: The devices all expanded as expected and there was significantly increased skin available to reconstruct with. 

Conclusions/recommendations.  Due to the fact that the devices are round, it is not possible to get exact linear expansion, therefore Oxtex are producing a lozenge shaped device that will enable to be place adjacent to each other and produce linear expansion.

Photographic record:

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