A clever concept made simple

Tissue expansion is commonly used in human reconstructive surgery to grow extra skin through controlled mechanical overstretch. It is a proven, reliable method that provides additional tissue for reconstruction.  Tissue expansion allows veterinary surgeons to successfully reconstruct in areas which previously may have not been possible.   Tissue expansion can reduce the cost of treatment and is a significant improvement to other alternative methods for surgical reconstruction particularly on the distal limbs and heads of dogs and horses.


  • Simply implant the device subcutaneously, adjacent to the area you want to reconstruct.  Please see case studies here for examples.


  • Unilateral expansion to allow greater control and precision
  • Expands at a controlled rate
  • Total expansion times range from 2-4 weeks depending on species and location 
  • Simple to use and there is no need for repeated visits to the clinic
  • Controlled expansion takes place without the need for further intervention


  • Remove the expaniderm devices, score the fiborous capsule to release the expanded skin
  • Reconstruct using skin flap that has been created

Tissue expansion for veterinary medicine

Tissue expansion is rarely used in veterinary reconstructive procedures; this is primarily due to the size and shape of the available balloon expanders not meeting the veterinary surgeon's need. Also the requirement for weekly visits to the clinic for balloon inflation by injection with saline, makes this a costly method of reconstruction. We have the potential to offer a choice of devices of different shapes and sizes and expansion profiles to meet a wide range of veterinary surgical needs.